Wednesday, July 20, 2011


After school for the last few days we have dropped by the children's fountain on the Riverwalk.  It's a giant fountain designed for kids to play in, right on the river. You can just see her in the photo below, streaking through the children's fountain at roughly the speed of light. She's the one in the white underwear. 
Nothing makes a kid happier than a fountain to play in
There are usually lots of other kids to play with there, and the vibe is social and family friendly.

These police officers never stopped smiling the whole time we were there

When you are 4, anytime is a good time to hug somebody random
Tonight, I was sitting watching the kid and chatting with a tourist from New York, when two of the bicycle cops came flying through the plaza and skidded to a halt in front of another police officer standing nearby. They jumped off the bikes, and grabbed some kind of boxes off the back, handing one off to the other officer. The three of them jogged to strategic corners of the fountain, whipped open the boxes, and let rip.

With popsicles, that is. The cops just started handing out free popsicles to all the kids there. It was the coolest thing I've seen in ages. 

That is sort of a hunky police officer, no? 

Look at how cute that is!



Blue raspberry, whatever the hell that is.
(And look at the smile on that kid's face!)

How is that for outstanding Grassroots PR for a beleaguered police force?
(this police officer is also rather handsome)
I nearly died watching it all go down. The tourist from New York was struck speechless. Detroit is truly like nowhere else. 


  1. That's a heap of high quality PR for just a few dollars! What a great idea. Pebbles looking cute and happy too!

  2. We are here to help maam....