Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Fun

Last weekend we dropped by the African World Festival downtown in Hart Plaza.

 I'm really sad to report that is should have been called "Cheap Chinese Sun Dresses and a Metric Ton of Shea Butter Festival". I don't want to sound like an asshole, but really, there was absolutely nothing remotely authentic or genuinely African about anything at the festival. It was a rather depressing marketing ploy to suck the dollars from the hands of Detroit's significant, but disproportionately poor and under-served, black community. *

Despite this, the scene was lovely, the music was good, and the crowd was super friendly and fun. We did drop by the Detroit public schools booth and ask a few questions about a possible public school for the kid should we move here permanently, we listened to some Christian Rap, (which was actually pretty good!?!) we sat in on a drumming session (more american than authentically African, but cool nonetheless), we had a sample of MacDonald's new mango Slurpee, and we ran into a few friends from the Kid's current school.

But the best thing we did was let the kid run around in the fountain in the center of the Plaza with another girl her age. They played in that thing for over an hour while we listened to music and chatted with passing friends.

* And listen, who am I to pass judgement on the festival? Everyone was having a good time, which is really all that matters, eh? 

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