Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas in Detroit

Despite the appalling lack of snow, we are up in Detroit for the holidays. 48 hours in, it is lovely. Cold, friendly, weird, we were delighted to see the house had not burned down, and that the neighbors were still friendly, and seemingly happy to see us.

Upon retrieving the car from the garage, the junk from the storage room, and an additional child from the airport, we visited Busy Bee hardware and Gratiot Market for much needed provisions. Neighbors arrived bearing candy, cookies and wine, Late last night a heavy fog rolled in, and we slept to the dulcet sounds of massive sea freighters tooting fog horns on the Detroit river.

Because the kids are scattered all over the northern hemisphere, it is a real treat when we have more than one in residence. Poor DJ, arriving Jet-lagged and deprived of sleep, suffering from the stress of finals and university acceptance / denial letters, a hungry, exhausted teenager wishing for some sleep and  some goddamn peace and quiet, has instead received a 5 year old baby sister who clings to his legs like a barnacle. I am unsure if he has had two consecutive minutes since his arrival without his baby sister attached to him.

DJ and Pebbles

It's great to have the kids home. 


  1. What a GREAT picture. Can feel the love and contentment between big brother and his baby sister. :) Nice to know you are together and that everyone arrived safely. Enjoy!! X