Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Endorsement: Fred's Unique Furniture

When we moved to America last year, we divided our furniture and other junk 50/50 between the house in Houston and our place in Detroit. We are Geniuses, No?

This brilliant planning allowed us the fun of unpacking, sorting, assembling and arranging our belongings not once, but twice in under six months. Additionally, with clever planning like ours, we experienced the joy that comes with realizing that a dining room table is worthless without legs, that a box of  queen sized sheets is unlikely to fit a King sized bed, that half of the bed's components are 1,300 miles away in Houston, and that the power drill is of little use without a charger (also in Houston).

Thus, upon unpacking, it became clear that we were going to need a lot more furniture and things like curtains, art, kitchen utensils, glasses, lamps, beds, and assorted dust collectors. Unless we wanted to further bankrupt ourselves, there was no way we could afford to buy everything from department stores or Ikea and it was then that we stumbled across Fred's Unique Furniture.

Fred's is out on Eight Mile road, about half a mile west of the intersection of Gratiot and 8 mile. It's a giant two level warehouse crammed to the rafters with awesome junk. Fred's has everything; estate sale leftovers, hotel liquidation, yard sale detritus, lamps, vintage clothes, sewing and knitting supplies, kid's books, art, vases, kitchen stuff. If you can imagine it, the nice guys at Fred's probably have it, and at a great price.

Fred has been in business at that location since the 70's and has managed to turn a tiny, condemned little shop into a bustling online and retail business. Alongside Craig, who runs the IT side of the business and Al,  who looks after the shop floor, Fred's keeps close to a dozen Detroiters employed while turning other people's trash into treasure. Fred himself is a fantastic guy, a great boss, an honest businessman, a dedicated son, and  mostly, just a blast to be around.

This lovely red leather chair and matching ottoman look like they are straight out of the
restoration hardware catalog, except they only cost a hundred bucks. 

We love this lamp. it was a little scuffed and stained, but 20 minutes with a Mr.Clean
magic eraser and it was better than new!

This stuff came from Fred's too. 
In addition to what you see above, we also got three vintage dressers, two beds, two mattresses, everything for the kitchen, a bunch of vases, some original and reproduction art, a few lamps, an awesome curtain rail, a truckload of knitting equipment and yarn, and lots of books, toys, and board games for the kids.

The guys at Fred's are really really really nice guys, who treat me and the kid like family whenever we come in to shop. I can't recommend Fred's highly enough. 

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